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Our Philosophy- We will buy quality products from local source whenever possible, they must be affordable and fresh. Supporting local companies allows us to help the local economy and our customers. Many local companies still operate the same way their founders did- years ago. Many of our customers are employees of the companies we support.  We encourage all of our customers to support these local companies. They are the fabric of Cenrtral New York.

Hinerwadel Salt potatoes- A Central New York favorite! When it comes to salt potatoes there are many imitators, but none compare to the original Hinerwadel brand. Anvailable year round.

Hudson Eggs- We buy most of our eggs from nearby Elbridge. That is where Lee and Patsy Hudson have raised and distributed eggs for years. We know they are fresh, we have been to their operatiion. Lee and Patsy are genuinely nice people to support.

Dinosaur BBQ Sauces- Made famous in Syracuse at the original BBQ house. We take friends and family from out of town toi the Dinosaur for a real upstate experuience. We carry 4 different sauces in aisle 1.

Hudson Dairy- Started way back in the old days when Henry Hudson would deliver milk to homes in the Fulton-Hannibal area. The tradition of quality service continues with his son Doug and grand daughter Heather capably delivering Hudson and Byrne milk, Crowley cottage cheese, Mc Cadam cheddar cheese, Yancey Fancy cheese, sour cream and more to our store.

6Byrne Dairy- A Syracuse company the Byrne family has been a supplier to our company for many years. Their milk is fresh, is delivered on local trucks. We also buy Byrne's orange juice.

Honey-  Pure honey is used to describe the product harvested from beehives in with no additives of any sort.  Raw honey is honey that has not been heated to temperatures greater than that in a beehive on a hot summer day.  Angry Bee Acres honey is both pure and raw and harvested from hives in and around Hannibal, NY.

Clover and wildflower honey come from the same hives, but are harvested at different times of year.  Clover is harvested in early and mid-summer when clover is in bloom and is the primary nectar source for the bees.  Wildflower is harvested in the late summer and fall when goldenrod and aster are the primary nectar sources in this area.

Clover is a light, golden-colored honey with a sweet, mild taste. Wildflower honey has a more robust flavor.  The later in the season wildflower honey is harvested, the darker in color it will be.

If your raw honey begins to crystallize, there is nothing wrong with it! That is a characteristic of raw honey that has not been pasteurized or filtered.  Just warm it up gently to return it to its liquid state.

Heluva Good Cheese- Now nationally known, Heluva Good started in nearby Sodus, NY. We still buy direct and receive weekly deliveries on Heluva Good's own private fleet.

Mc Cadam Cheese- distributed locall by the Hudson Dairy family of Fulton, McCadam cheddar cheese is a long time favorite. Made by McCadam in Chateaugay, NY it is another uniquely made cheese from a local family.

ICE- Is ice local? Sure, we buy from a Syracuse family that distributes ice throughout Central New York. We try to support as many local companies as possible.

Perry's Ice Cream- One of the finest companies around, Perry's distributes premium ice cream from their head quarters in Akron, NY

Terrell's Poltato Chips- A Syracuse family company that has produced high quality potato chips for many years.

NYS Maple Syrup- It doesn't get more local than around the corner! The Fowler's have been providing us with quality maple syrup. We urge you to try some!

Produce- We must admit that it is difficult to source much local produce throughout the winter, but we do our best year round. If it is grown locally it has to be fresher! We buy much of our siummer vegetables includuing sweet corn from Brian Reeves and his crew in Baldwinsville.