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About Hannibal's Village Market
The Mirabito family business started in the living room of Ross and Frances Mirabito's home on Erie Street in Fulton back in 1928. The early years were extremely difficult for the Italian Immigrant. Frances tended to 11 children and watched the store during the day while Ross worked a full time job at the old Arrowhead plant in Fulton. This was truly a family business from the start. The company has survived the Great Depression, a World War and all of the other strains and difficulties which threaten a business over time. The Village Market started as a small, 2-aisle storefront in what is now the entrance to Hannibal's Post Office in 1968. A local farmer, Bob Scott, suggested to Fran Mirabito that he come to Hannibal and provide folks out here with the same quality foods and service which was available in the Fulton stores. After a fire, 4 moves and a lot of hard work from dedicated staff, the present store was opened in 1990, on Charlene's birthday, October 13th. Although the faces have changed over the years, the one constant has been the same commitment to quality products, friendly customer relations and dedicated employees. With your help, our company will continue to succeed the way it did when Ross and Frances first started on September 17, 1928.
Hannibal Village Market's History
1915: Ross Mirabito arrived in the United States from Liparii, Italy.
April, 1922: Ross married Frances Zaia.
September, 1928: He bought a small comer grocery store and worked nights as a paper machine tender at Armstrong and days at the store on Erie Street, Fulton NY.
June, 1929: Francis was born, 3rd of 11 children.
June, 1942: Ross bought another store 4 blocks away from the original store. He expanded and opened a new store of 2,000 sqare feet (524 Cayuga Street Fulton NY)
April, 1945: A fire occurred at the Cayuga St. store and it was rebuilt larger.
November, 1951: Another fire occurred and the Cayuga St. store was rebuilt to 5000 square feet before re-opening in May of the following year.
1953: Second son Francis was discharged after two years of Army. He and his wife Charlene joined dad at the store on Cayuga St.
1960: Ross built a new store at 909 West 1st Street in Fulton.
1968: Ross and Francis started a store in Hannibal NY at the site of the Hannibal Post Office.
October, 1974: The store was moved to a larger location across the square.
October 23, 1978: Fire destroyed the building! While waiting to rebuild, the Village Market relocated to the store now known as the Hannibal Quick Mart in the Village Square. Charlene transported fresh meat and baked goods daily from the Fulton store until rebuilding was complete.
1978: After completing his degree in economics from SUNY at Oswego, Jim, third generation of Mirabitos, started his full time career in the food industry at the Mirbito's Market on the corner of West Second and Broadway in Fulton.
June, 1981: The new Hannibal Village Market now at 409 Fulton Street opened as a Big M Market.
1984: James (Jim) Mirabito married his wife Cindy who soon Joined him working in the Fulton store.
1990: Francis and his wife Chariene opened a new 20,000 square foot Village Market. The new store was built adjacent the existing store, which now housed the local pharmacy. The store opened October 13, Charlene's birthday.
June, 1994: Francis serves as chief executive and Jim now is in charge of merchandising and day-to-day operations at the Village Market. The store switches affiliations to IGA.
1996: Jim and Cindy Mirabito buy The Village Market IGA from Jim's parents, Francis and Charlene who then retired.
1996: A gas center was added to increase customer convenience.
2000: Jim Mirabito named IGA International Retailer of the Year.
2003: Jim appointed to the IGA National Retail Advisory Board.
2005: Jim Mirabito is elected to the Board of Directors of IGA USA
2007: Jim adds a 2,000 square foot addition to the Village Market IGA. This allowed for the expansion of the Produce, Deli, and Bakery while also adding organics, a gluten free section, and other natural products. Also added Rotisserie chickens and a sub bar.